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ICC wakeup: September 28, 2006

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_41997618_hair_270.jpgIt all started Day Four of England vs Pakistan test Aug, 2006 when umpire Darrell Hair alleged Pakistan had tempered the ball. Followed that Inzamam and his team refused enter the playing field and forfeited the match. People watching the game paid the prize.

When the above controversy happened ICC which is the governing body should have immediately stepped in and asked Inzamam to carry on with the game and when the test is over they should have gone on with the investigation on what’s happened and it’s absolutely ridiculous they haven’t done  that. If Derrell Hair created a mess by saying Pakistan tampered the ball, the ICC have created even bigger mess by watching the entire episode explode and keeping silent.

With pressure mounting on Hair when Pakistan cricket board protested strongly and other Asian cricket playing nations supporting PCB action. Darrell sends a letter to ICC. But what is supposed to be secret letter ICC made a blunder by releasing it to the press. Instead of protecting its member in this case Darrell Hair it’s released the letter which contains Hair claiming money for his resignation. In this way they brought disrepute to his member whom which they have appointed.
I am not saying Hair had done the right thing, but the ICC should have acted professionally.

The great thing about Darrell Hair is instead of facilitating the smooth functioning of the game he always wanted to be Mel Gipson in the cricketing field. He does this especially to Asian teams.

Now again ICC making big mistake by keeping silent when BCCI asking that  they don’t want umpire Hair for the upcoming Championship Trophy. I feel it is not correct for any board to ask a governing body which umpire they want and which umpire they don’t want. If ICC encourage this then other boards may say they don’t want Asian umpire then ICC loses the credibility.

It is better ICC should wake up and tell the board to shot up and leave the appointment of umpires to ICC.


Live At Acropolis — Yanni !!!! September 25, 2006

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Hear it to believe it…..it’s a beauty of playing real instruments…

 Video of Keys to imagination played live at the Acropolis with the London Phil-harmonic Orchestra.
The internationally popular musician returned to his Greek homeland for this concert taped on September 23, 1993.

Musik River – Yanni September 17, 2006

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yanni_tribute.jpgyanni_acropolis.jpgYanni music is my all time favourite. His music just flows like a river silently at the same time mejastically.

“Live at acropolis” and “Tribute” are the utimate. And they are treasure to any music lovers.

The “Nitingale” Song in Tribute album is really heaven sent. The flute you will be hearing is a chinese tradiational flute which will mesmerise you.

“Santorini” in Live at Acropolis. Every one sure must have heared this one in Award giving Tv shows in sun tv the grand music. Also some time back during olimpics also this music is played.

Initially I don’t about yanni. But some where in some music shop when I saw the acropolis album cover, some how I felt this guy is genius.